Dauntless Surprise Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

Today, Nintendo held the latest in their regular Indie World broadcast series. Similar to the company's incredibly popular Nintendo Direct livestreams, Indie World provides an opportunity for smaller Switch developers to get some of the spotlight and build hype for their upcoming games. Today's broadcast was no exception, as a number of indie developers revealed some rather intriguing new titles coming to the console in 2020. However, one of the broadcast's bigger announcements was a game that actually released today: Dauntless from developer Phoenix Labs. Released in September on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Dauntless is an action-RPG in a fantasy setting.

With gameplay inspired by Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise and designs inspired by Disney's Tangled, Dauntless casts players in the role of Slayers as they attempt to take down the game's massive Behemoths. The game can be enjoyed by single players, but the real highlight is Dauntless' multiplayer, and Switch owners can look forward to having a large number of players to enjoy the game with right out of the gate. Cross-platform play has been a hot topic among gamers over the last few years, and Dauntless not only supports it, but it also takes things one step further with cross-saves. That means players can enjoy the game from home on PS4 or Xbox One, then sign-in to their account on Switch and take things on-the-go.

During the broadcast, Phoenix Labs told viewers that they should expect multiple updates, seasonal events and more in the coming months. Switch owners can also deck out their character with a pair of exclusive skin sets: Skyfighter Armor and Skymetal Weapon Set. Dauntless features seven different weapon classes, and the Skymetal set has skins for each of them. These merely offer cosmetic changes, but it is a nice bonus for Nintendo fans. Dauntless is a free-to-play title. The game does have an online store, but all upgrades that can be purchased are also exclusively cosmetic.

Dauntless wasn't the only game announced during the broadcast and made available today. The Talos Principle from developer Croteam was also unveiled, and can now be purchased on the Switch eShop for $29.99.


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