David Arquette "Would Love" a Scream Game from Until Dawn Developer

Scream is one of the most popular horror franchises of all-time, largely because it comes from someone who knows the genre so well via Wes Craven. The franchise was not only a terrifying new take on the slasher genre, but provided all kinds of meta commentary on horror by allowing Scream to exist within a world that acknowledges classics like Halloween. With that said, the franchise's killer, Ghostface, is not just a singular character. Ghostface is multiple people playing a role, with the characters changing from film to film and their motive differing every time. It essentially turns Scream into not only a slasher, but also a suspenseful murder mystery where everyone is a suspect and a potential victim.

With major star-studded casts, the franchise's formula seems like something Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games would excel at adapting into a video game. Scream star David Arquette told ComicBook in a recent interview that he'd be really interested in seeing Supermassive take a crack at it after working with the developer on their latest game, The Quarry. He even went on to imagine what that would look like from the developer when asked what he thought of the idea.

"Absolutely! I think they could pull it off really easily in a wonderful way," said Arquette. "Even just re-shooting some stuff. It's literally like, if you scan some people in there, you can do different versions of different movies and you could do all kinds of stuff. It would be a wonderful experience. I would love that! Ghostface is already in that world, so it's not that hard."

Arquette referenced how Ghostface has already made the jump to gaming via titles like Call of Duty. The actor starred in the previous five Scream films as Dewey Riley, a cop in Woodsboro who is routinely roped in to putting a stop to Ghostface's slayings. He will not be returning for Scream 6, as his character was sadly killed in the last film. Actress Neve Campbell also confirmed she won't be in Scream 6, citing a pay dispute with the makers of the film. David Arquette told ComicBook that a Scream movie without Sidney is "unfortunate" and hopes the differences can be settled for a future film.

The Quarry releases on June 10th, 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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