Days Gone Actor Teases Involvement in New Game

Sam Witwer has been no stranger to appearing in video games over the years. While the actor's most [...]

Sam Witwer has been no stranger to appearing in video games over the years. While the actor's most notable project might be the role of Deacon St. John in the 2019 release of Days Gone, he also appeared in both entries in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series as well. And when it comes to the future, Witwer has made it known that his work with the gaming medium isn't going to be coming to an end just yet.

During a recent AMA over on Reddit, Witwer was asked by one user about whether or not he would be involved in any new video games in the future. Although he couldn't answer the question with many details, Witwer did confirm that we'll see him in a new game down the road. "Well, the short answer is yes," Witwer said to the question. "However, I cannot be more specific than that at this time. I will say that Days Gone helped me land this new gig. It's kinda unlike anything I've done just yet."

This last line from Witwer is definitely the most intriguing one when it comes to the identity of this new project. To hear him say that it's unlike anything else he has done before definitely raises an eyebrow, especially considering the fact that he's already been the protagonist of many AAA projects in the past.

Whatever this game ends up being, though, it sounds like we definitely shouldn't expect it to be that of Days Gone 2. Over the past few months, we have learned that Sony Bend at one point pitched an idea for a sequel to the open-world title to those in charge at PlayStation. However, for one reason or another, Sony decided not to greenlight the project. While it remains to be seen if Sony will ever change its mind in the future, it doesn't seem like we will see Witwer playing Deacon St. John again any time soon.

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