Dead by Daylight Releases Chapter 19 Teaser

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has been releasing a series of teasers for the game’s next Chapter recently that have led up to a brief video teaser released on Friday. This latest preview was a short video showing some audio editing software with a track playing in the background before it was abruptly cut off. These sorts of video teasers usually come not long before an official reveal happens, so it shouldn’t be long now before we know what’s planned for Chapter 19.

The latest in the series of teasers for Chapter 19 can be seen and heard below. It has the song playing for about 11 seconds, but it rewinds partway through to replay the earlier parts of the track.

That rewind is one of the only things that actually happens in the video, and it’s a pretty conspicuous occurrence. It could be a reference to something related to a perk or a Killer’s ability coming in the next Chapter, but it’s hard to make out much from the 11-second teaser. Players have begun digging into the audio to find hidden messages with some success, but nothing too telling has been discovered.

This video is of course just the latest of several teasers that have guided players towards a potential theme for Chapter 19 even if Killers, Survivors, and other details are still unknown. An image of a character shared on Thursday showed someone in a flashy outfit, but the image cut off before showing the person’s face. That same character has apparently replaced the profile picture of the Dead by Daylight Twitter account just as the account’s name was changed to “Magnum Opus.” On Wednesday, an image of a teacup that said “Mightee One Entertainment” on the cup was shared.


All of this combined with the Korean hashtags used in the teaser tweets have led many to believe the next Chapter will have something to do with K-pop. To some, it’s also been vaguely reminiscent of the marketing Riot Games used to build up to the reveal of the superstar champion known as Seraphine.

From the way things look so far, it appears that the next Chapter will be an original one and not a licensed release, but we can’t know for sure just yet. With the rate at which these teasers are progressing, we should see soon what’s planned for Chapter 19.