Dead by Daylight Announces New Chapter and Killer

Behaviour Interactive announced its newest Dead by Daylight Chapter this week with the reveal of Descend Beyond, a Chapter that'll add a new Killer and Survivor to the game with their own unique powers and perks. That new Killer is a character previously named Talbot Grimes who's now known as "The Blight," and joining the game opposite the new Killer is a Survivor named Felix Richter. Both were welcomed to Dead by Daylight in a trailer released on Wednesday that detailed how each of the characters will work. This reveal follows a teaser from August that hinted at what kind of Killer we might get next.

As players guessed based on what was seen in the past teaser, the new Chapter is an original one, not a licensed DLC. The Blight is the character we saw creeping around the corner in the teaser and has been confirmed to be a chemist driven mad by stolen work and forbidden knowledge found only in the Entity's playground. Felix Richter on the side of the Survivors is a talented and resourceful architect who was brought into the Entity's realm after searching an island for hints of his father.

"The Blight, a bright and ambitious chemist who sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds, only to become a victim of his own ambitions, is the new Killer," Behaviour Interactive said about the new Killer. "After his research was stolen, The Blight was lured into the Realm of the Entity by the promise of new, forbidden knowledge. The new survivor is Felix Richter, an eccentric architect with a unique vision. Returning to the mysterious island where his father had disappeared, Felix descended into the darkness beyond and was never seen again."

Capitalizing on the chemist theme, The Blight's power is Blighted Corruption which causes his serum to fill his body and imbue him with special abilities called Rush and Lethal Rush. The first of those allows him to quickly dash forward in whatever direction he's aiming, but you can't issue an attack. Instead, your goal is to slam into an obstacle. Doing so will allow you to use Lethal Rush, a second dash which can end in an attack.

The Blight's perks are Dragon's Grip, Hex: Undying, and Hex: Blood Favor. Dragon's Grip afflicts generators after The Blight damages them which causes Survivors to be Exposed after they interact with the generator, Hex: Undying reveals Survivors' auras when they're near a totem and can jump to a new totem under certain circumstances, and Hex: Blood Favor blocks nearby pallets from being used after a Survivor is hit.


Felix Richter has his own perks he brings to the game for he and other Survivors to master. His Visionary perk reveals generators' locations within a short range, Desperate Measures increases his healing and unhooking speed for each damaged or hooked Survivor, and his Built to Last perk will replenish an item's charges once per game.

The new Dead by Daylight Chapter is coming soon, but a release date has not yet been given.