Dead by Daylight Looks Like It's Teasing a New Killer

A new Dead by Daylight teaser appeared online this weekend, and if past teasers from Behaviour Interactive are any indication of what’s going on, it sure does look like a new Killer is being teased. The brief video that gave us just 17 seconds of a preview showed some sort of figure apparently in distress with some ominous noises possibly hinting at what’s going on. It hasn’t been said yet when we’ll know more about this new content, but the teasers are typically never far from the reveal.

At the start of the video, we hear what sounds like someone either inhaling or exhaling something. That’s immediately followed by the sound of breaking glass which suggests that perhaps someone took some sort of concoction and then dropped whatever it was contained in. A groan is heard afterward as a figure’s shadow appears on a wall. The creature looks humanlike just like the rest of the Dead by Daylight Killers typically do, but it appears to be changing in some way as its shadow moves across the wall.

Seventeen seconds isn’t a lot to go off of if we’re trying to figure out what’s being teased, but it’s all we’ve got, and Dead by Daylight players have been deciphering it best they can since the teaser’s release. One of the most common suggestions based on what we’ve seen so far is that this video is teasing a werewolf killer. An alchemist character has also been theorized alongside pitches of some sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme. The word “festering” in the tweet’s caption is also an interesting word choice that could hint at some sort of ailment afflicting the character.

Behaviour Interactive appears to be enjoying the theorizing from the community.


Assuming this is indeed a Killer, we can imagine that it’ll come as part of a new Chapter complete with another Survivor and a map. The latest Chapter to come to Dead by Daylight was full of Silent Hill content, and while there’s no set-in-stone ratio for how content is released, it seems likely it’d be an original Killer and Chapter, not a licensed one.

Dead by Daylight’s teasers are typically followed by new ones pretty soon after, so expect to see more about this new content sooner rather than later.