Dead By Daylight's Halloween DLC Releasing On PS4 And Xbox One

Halloween is coming early for Dead by Daylight players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, much [...]

Halloween is coming early for Dead by Daylight players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, much earlier than players might've expected. Soon, the chapter that's currently only available on PC, the expansion based on the Halloween horror movies, will be available for the console versions.

Similar to how Friday the 13th: The Game puts players in control of the iconic Jason Voorhees, the Halloween DLC will give players the option to play as Michael Myers as they hunt down four other Survivors who are struggling to survive the gruesome trials they must be a part of. Myers is called Shape in the game, a name that fans of the horror movies will recognize as the name that the Killer was given in the credits to personify the mysterious mask he wears as well as the way he moves about in the dark.

The Shape won't be coming into the game alone either as he's also bringing Laurie Strode as a Survivor with a new map called The Haddonfield.

Each Killer comes with their own ability and a special set of perks, and the Shape's emphasize his tendency to stalk his prey. His Evil Within ability causes the Killer to grow more powerful as he hones in on a Survivor until he becomes quite fast and deals double damage to Survivors. His perks also revolve around one of the Survivors becoming his obsession while he gains powers and other Survivors are at a disadvantage until he kills the object of his obsession.

Laurie Strode, the protagonist of the Halloween movie and one of horror's most iconic Final Girls, comes with perks that help her when she's in close proximity to the Killer. Her perks disrupt the Killer's detection abilities, allow her to instantly escape being grabbed once per match, and come with a double-edge ability that lets her and the Killer see each others auras.

You can check out the spine-tingling preview trailer that was included with the announcement above that shows off both Laurie and Myers in the upcoming DLC that's set to be released in August. There's no price listed yet, but the Steam version is currently listed at $6.99, so it seems likely the final price will be similar.