Dead by Daylight Reveals Surprising Killer Stats

Trying to pick the "best" Dead by Daylight Killer can be tricky given that a number of different factors play into that decision. How entertaining a match can be is a factor, for example, as well as the question of how many Bloodpoints someone's looking to get out of a match. But one of the best indicators of a Killer's strengths is in their name: the kills. This week, Behaviour Interactive revealed exactly which Killers have the best kill rates in Dead by Daylight as well as the ones with the highest pick rates, two details that'll perhaps help inform some players' decisions when they're trying to pick their next Killer.

The stats shared this week only account for matches played in September, but they still boas some surprising figures. One graph shared showed the kill rates for each Killer across all skill levels. Topping the charts there were the Cenobite, Onryo, and the Mastermind, Killers which come from the Hellraiser, The Grudge, and Resident Evil series, respectively. The Cenobite – the name given to Pinhead in Dead by Daylight's universe – has the highest kill rate across all skill levels with a kill rate of exactly 63.79%.

The other two Killers weren't fare behind Pinhead, but once you switch over to the kill rates for the top 5% of skilled players in the Dead by Daylight community, neither the Cenobite nor The Onryo were anywhere to be found near the top. Instead, the Mastermind, a.k.a. Albert Wesker, reigned supreme with a kill rate of 65.82%.

But what's most surprising of all beyond the kill rates were the numbers shared in the exact breakdown of the Killer stats below the two graphs. A table showed the pick rates as well, and looking at those, the Albert Wesker is the clear frontrunner, and it's not even close. He was picked 16.16% of the time across all skill levels in September, and when it comes to the top players, he was picked a staggering 25% of the time. For reference, no other Killer in either category managed to get even a 7% pick rate or higher.

Those are just the stats for September, however, and Albert Wesker is the newest Killer to join the game, so that certainly influenced his pick rate to a degree. But the fact that people are not only picking him a lot but also succeeding with him often shows the power of the Killer.

More stats will hopefully be revealed in the future to give a better idea of what Wesker's staying power looks like as updates and later releases change the meta.