Dead by Daylight: The Twins' Powers, Perks Revealed

Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer to join the game in Chapter 18 is actually a pair of characters known as “The Twins” who function as one entity. Through a totally new mechanic to Dead by Daylight, players controlling The Twins can actually swap between controlling one character or the other with each of them offering different advantages for hunting Survivors. We got our first look at the gruesome duo not long ago, and now that they’ve arrived on the game’s test servers, we’ve seen what they’re capable of.

Every Killer functions different than the last, but two things they all have in common is that they all have unique powers and perks that define them. The Twins, Charlotte and Victor, are no different with one multi-purpose power at their disposal joined by three different perks.

You can find an overview of those perks and powers below to show how they work before they’re available for everyone to purchase on the live servers.

Power: Blood Bond

By default, players control Charlotte, the larger of the two parts of The Twins that’s about the size of a normal Killer. Charlotte’s got the normal melee and lunge attacks other Killers possess by default, but by pressing the ability button, you can swap to Victor.

Quick and low to the ground, Victor can be moved to anywhere on the map you want him to rest. After swapping control back to Charlotte, you’ll find that Victor triggers Killer Instinct in the area around him to reveal Survivors’ auras. He’s vulnerable in this state and can be crushed by Survivors.

When controlling Victor, you can use the character’s special attack called “Pounce.” Hold down the ability button to charge the move and release it while aiming at a Survivor to attack them.

If Victor lands successfully on a healthy Survivor, he’ll latch onto them and afflict them with the Broken, Oblivious, and Incapacitated effects and will prevent them from leaving Exit Gates or entering lockers. He also will cause the auras of nearby Survivors to be revealed. At this point, it’s time to switch back to Charlotte to hunt down the affected Survivor.

Victor players should still be cautious though because the Survivors can crush the character if they complete the prompted action. If you miss your Pounce, you’ll also be vulnerable to attacks.

Perk 1: Hoarder

This perk is a potential option against Survivors who you think will be searching through chests they find around the map. Whenever a Survivor searches a chest or picks up an item, it’ll result in a noisy notification if they’re within a distance of 24 meters.

To make this perk more viable, trials begin with increased numbers of chests when the perk is activated. The rarity of items in the chests gets lowered as well so that you’re not benefitting Survivors too much.

Perk 2: Oppression

This next generator-focused perk is an attractive option for any player who gets frustrated by breaking one generator only to see two more completed at the same time across the map. By using Oppression, you automatically cause a number of other random generators to regress when you damage one.

If someone’s repairing one of those generators, Survivors working on them get a skill check to complete. The ability has a starting cooldown of 120 seconds.

Perk 3: Coup de Grâce

The Twins’ final perk allows them to have a better chance at landing a finishing blow on the Survivors if Oppression fails and those generators get repaired anyway. With this perk on, players get a token every time a generator is finished that’ll increase their melee attack potential.


By consuming one of these tokens, the lunge distance of the next attack will be increased by a starting point of 60%. It’s true that you’ll largely only be able to make use of this one if you’re falling behind, but it may help you land a decisive hit on some late-game players to keep them from exiting.

Behaviour Interactive has not yet announced a release date for Chapter 18 and The Twins, but the content is on the game’s test servers now for those who want to try it out.