Dead by Daylight Is Adding Tomb Raider's Lara Croft

Dead by Daylight welcomes Tomb Raider's Lara Croft to The Fog.

Following news of a Tomb Raider collab in Dead by Daylight that went live a bit too early, Behaviour Interactive confirmed this week that Dead by Daylight's next Chapter will indeed introduce Lara Croft to the game. The Tomb Raider protagonist will join Dead by Daylight as a Survivor and as the standalone addition to the game in this Chapter with no map or Killer included in this DLC. Tomb Raider's Lara Croft will be added to Dead by Daylight on July 16th, but her perks have already been revealed, and players can go ahead and try her out now on the game's test servers.

The first official look at Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight can be seen below courtesy of Behaviour Interactive's announcement. Lara Croft has had several looks over the years, and fittingly enough, this version of her that's coming to Dead by Daylight is known as "Survivor Lara" which was popularized most in her more recent games. There's another new version of Lara Croft coming up for future games, but for Dead by Daylight, Survivor Lara makes perfect sense.


Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight.


As is the case with any new Survivor, Lara Croft will introduce her own perks to the game. These will be exclusive to Lara Croft from the beginning, but they'll be teachable to other existing Survivors once players have unlocked the ability to do so. Lara Croft's new perks are outlined below:

Lara Croft's Perks in Dead by Daylight


  • This perk activates while you are healthy. Your fast vaults are 20% faster. This perk goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds after performing a fast vault.


  • After you unlock a chest and cleanse or bless a totem, this perk activates. Anytime you would scream, reveal the Killer's aura for 3/4/5 seconds instead.


  • Each time you open or rummage through a chest, gain 1 token, up to 3/3/3. When you do a great skill check on a generator, consume all tokens. Then for each token consumed, reduce the maximum required generator progress by 2/3/4.

An in-game look at Tomb Raider's Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight.


Prior to her official reveal, Dead by Daylight players questioned whether or not Lara Croft belonged in the game since she's not explicitly from the horror genre, an interesting argument to make given that neither Nicolas Cage nor Stranger Things faced the same criticisms despite both of them not explicitly being horror related either. Regardless, Behaviour backed up Lara Croft's addition to Dead by Daylight by saying she "perfectly embodies the characteristics needed to survive in The Fog."

Tomb Raider's Lara Croft comes to Dead by Daylight on July 16th.