A Tomb Raider Chapter May Be Coming To Dead by Daylight

Lara Croft definitely fits the bill of July's Survivor being a character that "truly embodies the meaning of that word."

Dead by Daylight is in its ninth year and has already set out to have its best year yet, its roadmap showcasing only a bit of what's to come in the months ahead. One of the major points of excitement thus far have been collaborations with other franchises, with Dungeons & Dragons bringing one of its most iconic antagonists with Vecna starting earlier this month and a Castlevania crossover on the horizon ahead as well. With July's Survivor-Only Chapter set before Castlevania makes its way to DbD, players have been left to wonder who the major licensed Survivor will be, which naturally inspires rumors to swirl and leakers to do what they're known for and attempt to reveal who the Survivor will be before Behaviour Interactive has a chance to officially announce it. 

In this case, if the latest rumors and leaks are accurate the July Survivor for Dead by Daylight will be Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, which would fulfill a lot of players' longtime requests and fit the bill that product designer Justin Brown dropped during the eighth anniversary broadcast that this particular survivor "truly embodies the meaning of that word." The rumors started swirling about a week ago, when notable Dead by Daylight YouTube leaker Gumpy887, who has previously correctly indicated both the Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania crossovers, responded to a comment to suggest Lara would be July's Survivor. In a now-deleted thread that you can still see thanks to Reddit user SomeMockodile, Gumby responded, "I would also have to guess Miss L.C."

Now, a new leak may have already proven Gumby's information to be true as a promotional image for a Tomb Raider x Dead by Daylight Chapter has apparently leaked (you can view the image here). As you'll see when you look at the photo for yourself, the image featuring Lara does appear to be similar to other official images that have come from Behaviour Interactive in the past, but there are multiple points being raised in the thread to indicate there's still a healthy amount of doubt as to whether or not this image is genuine. Ultimately, while the latest leaks and rumors look promising, it's always still best to not get your hopes up too much should they be proven wrong. If the image is real, Lara will be seen in Tomb Raider (2013) form, with her Prestige skin showcasing the  effects of the iconic blood river moment from the game.