Dead by Daylight Updating the HUD Once More

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive recently released the 4.5.0 Mid-Chapter Update [...]

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive recently released the 4.5.0 Mid-Chapter Update for the popular horror title that included an overhauled HUD after initially previewing it on the game's test servers. The revised HUD added different locations for elements like objectives, status effect alerts, and other important odds and ends. After the release, players had some feedback about the multitude of HUD changes, however, and the developer is now working to adjust the HUD once again.

Behaviour Interactive first said on February 10th that it was aware of some players' concerns over the new HUD and was exploring solutions for problems stemming from the Mid-Chapter Update. While a couple of issues were named, the HUD and the user interface were among the areas the developer said it would be looking into.

Two days later, the tweet above was shared to show what the work-in-progress version of the next set of HUD changes looked like. For those having a hard time telling the difference between the HUD shown in the image and the still new one that's in the live version of the game now, Behaviour Interactive shared a list of the most notable changes made.

Work-in-Progress HUD Changes

  • Lowered Survivor statuses
  • Lowered hook counter
  • Moved objectives from top to bottom left
  • Removed text from objectives
  • Skill checks now have their own UI scaling option

Whatever changes are to come for the HUD, they'll be added in the game's second bugfix patch following the latest Mid-Chapter Update, Behaviour Interactive said. A release date for that update has not yet been given.

Beyond the HUD changes, Dead by Daylight's creators have some other noteworthy changes planned for the game, particularly when it comes to perks. The Object of Obsession perk from the Halloween Chapter was recently featured in a Dead by Daylight discussion with the developers and has some tentative changes coming its way. Decisive Strike, another perk that's a stable in Survivors' loadouts, is getting an update as well to change how it works whenever players are freed from a hook and are able to use the perk.