'Dead Or Alive 6' Gets New 'Rumble Ready' Trailer, Introduces Three More Characters

Koei Tecmo is still moving right along on development of Dead Or Alive 6, focusing more on the crazy fighting tactics that the series has become known for and less on the, well, "cheesecake" factor. And the latest trailer, which you can see above, shows just how rough and ready these fighters really are.

In the trailer, we get to see three returning characters in action, including super-wrestler Bass, his sassy daughter Tina, and the mixed martial artist champ Mila. You can read more about them below, with details provided by the publisher:

Known as "The King of the Ring," Bass is a seasoned professional wrestler known for his destructive power and versatile throwing techniques. He's also the doting father of Tina, "The Superstar of a Thousand Dreams." And while Tina flashes some of the same versatile throws as her father; including an explosive new slam added to her repertoire, she is also proficient in strikes as Bass trains her to become the top wrestler in the world. But Tina isn't the only female ready to fight in DEAD OR ALIVE 6; as a professional wrestling fan, Mila has also been added to the lineup. Nicknamed "The Hot-Blooded Champ," Mila is a mixed-martial artist known for winning titles as a result of tackling techniques and her expertise in the ground-and-pound game that she hopes will prove fruitful in her quest to ultimately takedown her longtime rival, Bass.

All three characters are instrumental to DEAD OR ALIVE 6's new wrestling stage "THE MUSCLE." As an introduction to their new fighting ring, the father-daughter duo of Bass and Tina gather reporters inside an arena to unveil their new professional wrestling organization, also known as The Muscle. Inside the arena stage, not only will the action be fast and fierce, but the ring ropes surge with electrical current while the steel pillars surrounding the squared-circle bellow fire at warry brawlers.


Fans of the series may recall fighting in a wrestling ring with electrified ropes before, so it's great to see that it's back in action. And this, combined with the other components we've seen thus far, should make Dead Or Alive 6 a fighter worth playing when it arrives on February 15, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.