The 'Deadpool' Game Is Being Delisted, But You Can Get It for Cheap Right Now

Publishers delisting older games on Steam is a common practice, especially with things like [...]

Publishers delisting older games on Steam is a common practice, especially with things like expiring licenses or not being able to support a game's online servers, in favor of turning them over for a new title. Alas, Deadpool's time has come.

Activision will be "de-listing" its action game featuring the smarmy superhero from Steam this Thursday, and it's likely that the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions could follow suit, although that hasn't been confirmed just yet.

But the news isn't all bad. In preparation for the game being removed from the Steam service, Activision has slashed the price down for gamers to get it for cheap. You can find it here for the rock bottom price of $11.99, and it'll stay at that price until the game's removal in just a few days.

The game itself is actually a lot of fun, with a bunch of crazy slice-and-dice antics, and plenty of gunplay. Not to mention Nolan North voicing the character of Deadpool once more (as he did in several animated Marvel specials), and giving him plenty of life through a variety of jokes – including ones that come at Wolverine and Cable's expense.

There's no word yet if Activision will be marking down the console versions of the game as well, but it seems very likely, as it's done so in the past with titles like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD before they were removed, giving fans one last opportunity to add the games to their library.

And this little Deadpool boost might be the thing that gamers need, as there's a rumor that a Deadpool 2 movie trailer will debut this Thanksgiving, with the movie arriving in 2018. Whether we'll see another game with this character has yet to be seen, but nothing has been announced just yet.

While the game isn't nearly as polished as High Moon's previous Transformers games, it's still a fun little effort, especially for the price of $12. Pick it up and enjoy all the enemy-bashing antics that it has to offer! (And don't forget to give the bouncy castle a try.)