Exclusive: 'DC Universe Online' Reveals 'The Death of Superman' Content Series

DC Universe Online is gearing up for a massive new in-game event. The three-part The Death of [...]

DC Universe Online is gearing up for a massive new in-game event. The three-part The Death of Superman content series will kick off this Wednesday, May 16, and 'Part I' will introduce players to the formidable hero-slayer Doomsday! The folks over at Daybreak were kind enough to share this exclusive first look at the Death of Superman event with ComicBook.com:

(Photo: Daybreak Game Company)

"Doomsday has landed in Metropolis, carrying a deadly plague with him, and his presence threatens the lives of all of Metropolis' citizens. In this part, players will aid Superman and Supergirl to contain the deadly infection. Part 1 features new daily open world missions and weekly bounties for heroes and villains." All DC Universe Online players level 10 and up will be able to participate in the event and earn some new cosmetic gear inspired by Lobo.

Daybreak also revealed that Death of Superman: Part II, which goes live on June 6, will feature a unique raid event. "In the 2nd part of DCUO's the Death of Superman story arc and 80th anniversary celebration, the battle between Superman and Doomsday will come to a head in a new 8-player raid set outside the Daily Planet in a torn up Metropolis. Doomsday will be stronger than ever, and it's going to take more than just Superman to stop him this time."

What can long-time players expect from The Death of Superman content, and should older fans of the comic care? Will it tie in more with the comic series or with the upcoming two-part film event? We caught up with DC Universe Online's Creative Director SJ Mueller to get the deets:

ComicBook: As DC Comics fans gear up for the summer film debut of The Death of Superman, many are wondering if the DC Universe Online events will adhere to the original comics, or take its own narrative liberties. Should we expect a close tie-in to the comics, something more like the upcoming films, or something more wholly original?

SJ: "The Death of Superman story arc in DCUO is inspired by two enormous tales from DC comics: the original Death of Superman run in the early 1990's and the more recent 2014 story about a gigantic, supercharged version of Doomsday in Superman: DOOMED. In the DOOMED storyline, he exudes a toxic gas that is deadly on contact. We incorporated the toxic gas within our gameplay, leading to an incredible gaming experience where citizens and players are in danger if they even approach this huge, terrifying version of Doomsday. We also supercharged our own in-game Doomsday model, making substantial visual updates for this new content release."

It sounds like Supergirl will play a huge role in the event, but we don't see much of her in the trailer for the film. Can you tell us a little more about how Supergirl will be featured throughout the event? Will we see any powers unique to this story arc?

"With Supergirl's recent surge in popularity, we wanted this story to have a personal touch. After all, Kara is Superman's cousin. They are family. Global cataclysms are exciting and all, but in this story arc, we wanted players to really feel the impact of losing Superman as keenly as Lois or Kara did. Players spend a lot of time with them. Because of their popularity and importance to the story, we've also updated both our Lois Lane and Supergirl models alongside the release of The Death of Superman: Part I."

Looking ahead to The Death of Superman: Part II, the second piece of the storyline will feature a unique raid where players will have to band together to take on Doomsday. For long-time DC Universe Online players, what do you think sets this raid apart, and do you have any general tips for those looking forward to taking on Doomsday?

"I think the outcome of the raid is a little shocking to both heroes and villain players. Even though you know what's going to happen, it still makes quite an impact when you see it onscreen. As for tips, you want to be quick to react and always bring enough vials of the anti-toxin so Doomsday's plague doesn't wipe you out. Also, make sure to keep an eye on Doomsday's powerful jump – don't be under him when he lands!"

Many DC Comics fans are going to lose it over this event, but may feel intimidated jumping into DC Universe Online for the first time. Will new players be able to participate in the event?

"This is one of the best times for new heroes and villains to join DCUO and for past players to jump back in. The Death of Superman is available to EVERYONE level 10 and up, which is very early and achievable to accomplish in one day if you put your mind to it. DCUO is available free to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, so join and start your adventures today. I look forward to seeing everyone in game!"

We'll have more on The Death of Superman content as it unfolds throughout the season, so stay tuned!