Death Stranding Trailer, Release Date Could Be Revealed This Week

It looks as though the numerous Death Stranding teasers people have seen over the past few weeks are finally about to culminate in a reveal, likely one that’ll include a new trailer and perhaps a release date for Hideo Kojima’s game. After a series of cryptic teasers that seemed to go on forever, we now have a date for when we can expect something substantial related to Death Stranding. Kojima Productions confirmed Monday on Twitter that “the countdown” of Death Stranding has begun, and something is happening on May 29th.

The tweet from the Kojima Productions account contained no more information than that, but that’s more than enough to send Kojima’s fans into a frenzy with expectations for the Death Stranding reveal. Kojima’s tweets are usually mysterious in nature and often are picked apart by his followers for clues, so it’s rare to see something so definitive about the game being teased.

If you look at the events that have transpired within the past few weeks, things start to line up and look to end with us getting the long-awaited Death Stranding trailer this week. Kojima’s been busy teasing the release since the end of April when he shared pictures of his desk that showed a Death Stranding trailer being created. Fast-forward to Sunday after a few more cryptic teasers and we get a short video that looks like it’s a snippet of the full trailer expected later this week. Both of the teasers used the phrase “Create the rope,” whatever that may mean in Death Stranding lingo.

There’s also been talk from industry insider Daniel Ahmad that a new trailer for one of Sony’s big games would be releasing this week, and it’s now looking like that’s accurate. Three big games came to people’s minds when thinking about what the trailer could be for – The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima being the big three in the works now – though all signs point to it being Kojima’s game that take the spotlight.

It doesn’t look at though the trailer will be part of one of Sony’s State of Play streams though since the reveal is coming on May 29th and a stream hasn’t yet been announced. A release date along with the trailer seems likely given the effort that’s being put into these teasers, but we’ll have to wait until May 29th to see what Kojima has planned.

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