Death Stranding Update Planned for December, Will Have Option to Increase Text Size

If you’ve been playing Death Stranding since the game’s November release but have had a [...]

If you've been playing Death Stranding since the game's November release but have had a difficult time reading everything that's been presented to you because of small text size, there's an update planned for December that'll be a welcome one. Kojima Productions revealed on Wednesday that it has an update planned for December that'll include an option to increase text size and will also bring with it some other notable features. The update doesn't have a precise release date at this time, but it's planned for some time in mid-December.

The slim details we have so far about this December Death Stranding update where shared through the Kojima Productions Twitter account where two of the features were previewed. One of them is more of an configuration option than a feature since it just allows players to increase the size of text they see on screen, but the other one is more of a gameplay feature. It'll allow players to dispose of individual vehicles, though the details of how that'll work haven't been revealed yet.

Judging from the replies to the tweet, the update and its intentions should be received well, but there are also some other features players listed that they'd like to see added to the game soon. High on the lists of those players is a photo mode to take pictures of the scenes Norman Reedus' character stumbles across while another highly-requested feature is a music player to let players listen to music while they're exploring. A New Game+ feature was also suggested to give players a chance to relive the events of Death Stranding without starting all the way over.

Our own review of Death Stranding praised the game's intricacies and gave the game a perfect score while still acknowledging some ways it could be improved. You can read that full review here.

Death Stranding is now available on the PlayStation 4 and will come to the PC platform in Summer 2020.