Buy an Xbox One X and Get $100 to Spend at Dell


If you haven't jumped on board with an Xbox One X yet, now would be a pretty fantastic time to do it because Dell is offering a $100 gift card with your purchase. You can take advantage of the deal right here, (UPDATE: The deal is also good for all Xbox One S consoles) but allow us to propose a few options for your $100 windfall:

A $100 Xbox gift card for games
$100 towards a new 4K TV that you can play games on
$100 toward PC gaming gear
$100 towards a Nintendo Switch

See where we're going with this? There are endless options here, so this is definitely one of the best deals that we've seen on an Xbox One X so far. Going with the gift card makes the most sense, though you could also use some of it for Xbox Live where you can get even more sweet deals. Though, we have to admit that slashing $100 off the Nintendo Switch and doubling up your consoles is a very intriguing idea.

Head on over to Dell and grab this Xbox One X deal while you can.

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