Demon's Souls Online Services Shutting Down Soon

Demon’s Souls, the game that got so many players started down a path of strategic fights and [...]

Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls, the game that got so many players started down a path of strategic fights and countless deaths, is putting an end to its online services soon.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on Nov. 27 that they're calling it quits on Demon's Souls' online features on Feb. 28, 2018. This means that you'll have until that date to assist or invade other players while dropping helpful messages along the way.

It's been a long run for the 2009 game that amassed a following of devoted fans and masochists who enjoyed taking on the game's twisted enemies and climactic boss fights. You can still do all of that after Feb. 28, but you'll be doing so without the help – or hindrance – of other players. The fantastic base game and its story will still be playable, but Sony says that the following components will be removed on Feb. 28:

  • Online multiplayer (cooperation and intrusion)
  • Tips Filling out and viewing messages
  • Blood trace of other players (replay on death)
  • Wandering illusion
  • Ranking browsing

The Dark Souls Twitter account also tweeted out the news with a heartfelt goodbye to Demon's Souls while thanking players for their involvement throughout the years.

While the game will still offer a powerful experience for anyone who hasn't had a chance to play the game that came before Dark Souls, losing the online services takes away a huge part of the game. Even when you're getting invaded, the online components of Demon's Souls and the rest of the Souls games are always exciting when they're triggered. From the first time you get invaded, inevitably die, and think "so that's how it is," to the point that you welcome invasions to test your skills, Demon's Souls' online features helped make the game what it is.

The rest of the Souls games won't be affected though, so you'll still be able to go online in the rest of the games, but let's hope they don't come for Dark Souls next.