Reminder: Demon’s Souls Online Servers Shutting Down This Week

Atlus’ Demon’s Souls has been a curious beast since its release on PlayStation 3 years ago. It [...]

Demon's Souls

Atlus' Demon's Souls has been a curious beast since its release on PlayStation 3 years ago. It no doubt inspired the Dark Souls games that followed after, but it continued to be a big draw for years, with players hopping online and taking on every challenging element that was thrown at them.

But prepare yourself, for the party is just about over. As we first reported back in late 2017, the online servers for the classic PS3 release will be shutting down this Wednesday, February 28.

The servers were actually originally supposed to close down way back in 2012, but Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to keep them open when fan demand for the game continued. But, apparently, eight years is a long enough stretch for people to get their online Souls action on.

So you've got, what, about two to three days to hop in and enjoy a few last match-ups before everything comes crashing down. Keep in mind, however, that you will still be able to play the game offline, just without the online features. These are the following components that are set to be removed from the game:

  • Online multiplayer (cooperative and intrusion)
  • Tips filling out and viewing messages
  • Blood trace of other players (replay on death)
  • Wandering Illusion
  • Ranking Browsing

The official Dark Souls Twitter account should be sending out final noticed shortly, though most players already knew that this day was coming already. But if you're feeling nostalgic, you can see the original tweet announcing the shutdown of the services below.

Indeed, it's going to be a sad goodbye, especially to the hardcore community that kept Demon's Souls alive for the past few years, but you've still got time to get in one last hurrah or two before the party's over.

And don't weep for the Souls series, as it'll continue on as strong as it's ever been, with Dark Souls Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this May. And those online services should be intact for some time.

Demon's Souls is available now for PlayStation 3.