Destiny 2: Second Expansion Leaks Again, Gods of Mars Confirmed?

Back in December we reported on a supposed Destiny 2 leak which spilled the beans on the upcoming [...]

Back in December we reported on a supposed Destiny 2 leak which spilled the beans on the upcoming second expansion. The expansion, titled Gods of Mars, had details suddenly appear on the PlayStation Store. Today, a similar leak with identical details has appeared on the Xbox Game Store, and screencaps were immediately shared (via ResetEra). Take a look:

destiny2 leak
(Photo: via ResetEra)

Now this means one of two things. On one hand, this could still be an elaborate fake, and this second leak has been fabricated in order to add credibility to the first leak. It wouldn't be hard to believe that one person or one small team could produce all of these images. On the other hands, this second leak, on a separate storefront, could be corroboration pointing to the legitimacy of this information.

According to many fans, the expansion details themselves seem to be proof that this is real. Nothing here is over the top or hard to believe. If they promised two new raids, multiple new enemy types, and a completely revamped loot system, we'd be suspicious. Everything we see, however, is pretty believable. For those of you who can't make out the text, here's the rundown:

"Destiny 2 Expansion II: Gods of Mars sends your Guardian out to investigate a mysterious signal originating from Mars's Northern Point, a brand new destination with all new story missions and adventures. Rasputin – the last of the ancient Warminds, has been alerted to a dark threat from beyond the Solar System. He has betrayed humanity and plans to construct a powerful weapon capable of detonating the Traveler itself. Work alongside Ana Bray, who has emerged from the shadows after being missing for years, and destroy Rasputin before his machinations are realized."


  • Explore Mars and uncover Rasputin's secret

  • New story missions and adventures

  • New themed weapons, armor, and gear to earn

  • New cooperative activities – New competitive multiplayer arenas

  • New cooperative Raid Lair activity – New "Crow Splicer" & "Construct" enemy factions

  • And more…

Obviously we'll be keeping our ear to the ground and waiting for further corroboration. For now, we think it's pretty safe to assume that what we're seeing is legitimate. If so, is this enough to get you guys back into your Destiny 2 routines?