Destiny 2 'Fall of Osiris' Part 2 Web Comic Now Available, Free

With Curse of Osiris having been out for awhile now and murmurs of the next expansion rising up [...]

Fall of osiris

With Curse of Osiris having been out for awhile now and murmurs of the next expansion rising up once more, there's plenty to do in the world of Destiny 2. The tale of Ikora's mentor is the latest narrative to hit the world of Guardians, but what about where it all started? Good news, Marvel writer Margaret Stohl is ready to tell that tale with the amazing new comic web series that is available now - Destiny: Fall of Osiris.

Don't worry, Guardians, you won't need any bright engrams to unlock the companion piece - the entire series is completely free.

Writer Stohl had this to say in her notation about the soon-to-be-released project:

"Destiny's first-ever original comic short is written by Eisner-winning, New York Times bestselling writer Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, Marvel's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) in collaboration with our own super talented Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris narrative lead Christine Thompson, with interior art by Destiny community fan favorite Zé Carlos. Here's a peek at the cover, by Marcio Takara (All-New Wolverine).

Osiris was once the champion of the Last City. Vanguard Commander. Seeker of secrets and discoverer of wonders. And then everything changed. How did Osiris go from hero to traitor?"

Part II is only 10 pages, but gives a little more spotlight to Ikora and her past with the famed Osiris. According to the comic's official description:

"When the Traveler arrived, it changed our world forever. Bathed in the Light, humanity thrived for centuries - until it didn't.

An ancient enemy pursued the Traveler across the universe and with its appearance, humanity faced extinction. So, the Traveler made a choice: sacrificing itself to drive back the Darkness.

And with that final act, the Traveler gave life to the Ghosts - sending them out into the solar system to restore the lives of those warriors deemed worth to wield the Light - and thus, the Guardians were born.

Now, under the protection of the Guardians, humanity strives to rebuild, but their enemies are legion. And above the Last City, the Traveler rests - for most Guardians, a beacon of hope.

But Osiris, the most notorious Warlock and leader of the Vanguard believes the Traveler to herald doom - a belief that has marked him a prophet to some and a heretic to others..."

Part II of the Fall of Osiris series can be found right here.