'Destiny 2' Players Can Try Gambit Mode Free Next Weekend

Destiny 2's third expansion Forsaken is almost here and to celebrate, the team over at Bungie is [...]

Destiny 2's third expansion Forsaken is almost here and to celebrate, the team over at Bungie is giving players a chance to try out the new Gambit Mode before Forsaken goes live. The new mode is a fun blend of PvE and PvP. We recently got our hands on this newest feature and even played with the devs over at Bungie themselves, and now Guardians everywhere will get their chance to try it out.

Bungie describes the mode as, "a 4v4 hybrid mode that merges PvE and PvP experiences into an epic battle. It's a new way to play Destiny 2, offering something for all players to enjoy, appealing to those who thrive on the competition and unpredictable elements of PvP gameplay, while seamlessly blending the collaborative and cooperative elements of PvE."

The important thing to know about Gambit is that it's its own thing. Bungie's reaction to Battle Royale is something new entirely. The developer team even told us earlier this year not to compare it to anything else in Destiny 2 because it isn't like anything in Destiny 2. After having played it? I agree.

Overall, the new mode felt incredible rewarding and it really embodies a healthy mixture of what players have been asking for since launch day. It appeals to both PvE lovers and PvP lovers, while still very much retaining that "Destiny" feel.

The new mode, and its enticing new rewards, will be arriving on Sept. 4th with Forsaken. For those that want to try it a little early, the 24-hour free trial begins on Sept. 1st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

You can hear our full thoughts on the new mode in the video below, including more about player invasion, the different player roles that can be assigned, and just how the team pulled off the perfect blend between PvE and PvP.

The PvE aspect comes from the spawned enemies, including the dreaded Cabal. The PvP comes into play because an enemy player can actually invade your territory, killing players and stealing motes. The map we played on was incredible dynamic, perfect for those that want to stay boots on ground or take up a higher location. Don't even think about camping though, because the spawn points are everywhere and the enemy team could be lurking. It's designed to be fast-paced, and it definitely played that way.