Destiny 2 has Fewer Main Missions Than its Predecessor


Information revealed from a leaked Destiny 2 guide appears to suggest that the second installment in the series has fewer missions than the original Destiny.

Several bits of information could be inferred from the now-deleted official guide to the upcoming Destiny game, but one of the most surprising was the amount of missions that seem to be available in the next game. according to the guide, it appears that the new game is set to have 17 total main missions, three fewer than the original Destiny that contained 20 main missions in all. With the lower mission count, it’s resulted in some questioning about the supposed length of the second Destiny installment.

Throughout the previews and discussions from developers concerning Destiny 2, it’s often been said to be a larger game than the first one. The amount of in-game missions may not be as large as the first game, but that just means that the statements from Bungie may speak to the length of the missions as opposed to the amount.

Depending on how long the missions are in Destiny 2, it could still definitely be larger than the first game. The 20 missions also only include those that fall in the main mission category. With side missions, strikes, and other PvE content, Destiny 2 could still shape up to be a longer game than the original.

The mission count that’s been revealed also isn’t taking DLC into account either as Destiny received bonus content that added onto the number of missions, something that Destiny 2 will undoubtedly receive as well. Paid DLC likely isn’t the way that Destiny players would hope for the game to be longer, but the if the length and features of the base game live up to the hype from Bungie, paying for DLC would likely be a much more acceptable deal.


The guide that was leaked not long before the release also went into detail about other topics such as weapon gear, rarities, and hidden missions, but many players have steered clear of the spoilers to get a clean Destiny 2 experience.

Destiny 2 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 6 and releases for PC on Oct. 24.