Destiny 2 Knows and Glorifies Your Personal Accomplishments in the First Game

destiny 2

When we heard that character progress and gear would not transfer over to Destiny 2 from the first game, we were distraught. At first. Eventually we accepted that we'd be leaving our original guardians and all of their achievements behind, and we were okay with that. It was all for the best. After booting up Destiny 2, though, players are discovering that Bungie didn't forget about you at all.

When you boot up Destiny 2 for the first time, if you have save data on your console from the original game, you're in for a touching surprise. Destiny 2 actually opens up with some stunning black-and-white artistic renderings of your defining heroic moments. There are ten moments in all, starting with your victory in the Martian Black Garden, stretching all the way to the events that unfold in Rise of Iron. You'll see a lovely picture depicting the event, the date of your triumph, and the usernames of the fireteam that you had with you at the time.

For friends who have been playing Destiny together for a long time, going through those opening moments together while chatting on Discord or in a PlayStation or Xbox party will be a special (and likely very touching event). Even as a solo player, I did feel a pretty powerful wave of nostalgia as I looked back over my shoulder and reminisced over all of the hours I poured into Destiny.

To top it all off, at the character select screen you'll find your guardian, or all of your guardians, there waiting for you. They'll be stripped of their gear and their sub-class upgrades, of course, but they're yours. Bungie really is making good on its promise to carry your guardians through a massive decade-spanning adventure, and we have to give them props for that.


Destiny 2 is finally available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version will launch on October 24.