Destiny 2 Getting Masterwork Armor, Raid-Specific Mods From Bungie

Bungie continues to tinker away on its ambitious Destiny 2, in the hopes of making it accessible [...]

Destiny 2

Bungie continues to tinker away on its ambitious Destiny 2, in the hopes of making it accessible – and, at the same time, rewarding – to its millions of players. And today, it went over what's being added to the game in a new blog post, talking about not only how it's tweaking Raids, but also what it's adding to the table when it comes to armor.

First up, it confirmed a new Iron Banner event, set to kick off on January 30th and running through February 6th. Here are the details straight from their blog:

"The game is Control!

This will be the first time Lord Saladin returns to the Tower in Season 2. There have been some changes to how you'll go about decorating your Guardian with relics of the Iron Lords.

First, we are adding new items to the engrams you will find waiting for you when you visit Lord Saladin. There will definitely be Season 2 weapons in the Iron Banner Engram and we will be adding more in the next event."

In addition, the company is adding new mods to Raids that provide specific perks tied in with certain pieces of gear. You'll be able to select armor that ties in with these Mods, and you can swap to more general Mods as time goes on.

On top of that, you can earn Prestige and normal Raid rewards, so you don't have to worry about playing through them twice to attain everything. Whew.

And for those that want to show off in great-looking armor, good news. Masterwork armor will be coming to the game, matching up with the weapons that were introduced in a previous update.

The company noted, "Many of you have already been discovering Masterwork weapons and adding them to your collection. Next week, we are adding Armor Masterworks to the mix. All Legendary armor now has a chance to drop as a Masterwork. The same rules apply as with the weapons, you will have a higher chance of getting Armor Masterwork from Trials of the Nine and Raid activities. But you might get lucky with an engram from Lord Shaxx or any other vendor who offers engrams.

  • Each armor piece grants 3% damage resistance while using a Super
  • This stacks for a 15% damage reduction if you have a full set of Masterwork Armor
  • Masterworks armor can be reworked to a different stat package (Heavy, Light, or Restorative) for one Masterwork core and 10 Legendary Shards"

So there you have it. The question is if these cool little additions will bring players back for more.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.