Destiny 2 Platinum Trophy Paywalled Behind DLC, Bungie Fans Are Not Having It


Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris, the MMO's first big expansion, is out now and brings with it a ton of new elements to the game. However, not everyone wants to pay $20 for the latest expansion, and it looks like those opting out of the latest additions are being locked out of more than just a new storyline.

One Guardian took to Reddit to reveal their latest discovery revolving around The Prestige trophy. This is what they had to say:

"As of yesterday with the Curse of Osiris launch, base game owners can no longer obtain the Platinum trophy because Bungie has incrased the power requirement beyond the base game for 2 endgame activities. It's incredibly scummy that 3 months after launch, they've made it impossible to play endgame content wich people PAYED for, without further paying a 'ransom' fee. It's even worse on PC where the game came out on October 24th.

Unobtainable trophy:

The community over at r/DestinyTheGame was frustrated enough with the general state of the game and the silence of Bungie before the DLC even came out. (Destiny 2 is pretty much the only AAA game in recent memory wich hasn't received any balance or quality of life changes until the DLC.) Now people are even more angry since CoO is basically just an Eververse update (Eververse is Bungie's version of a microtransaction fueled loot box store.) with a 2 hour campaign, minimal new endgame features and with ransoming existing features.

If you plan to buy Destiny 2 in the holiday season, be warned that you're locked out of features & the Platinum trophy if you purchase the normal edition. To be honest, i'd pass on the game entirely in its current state."


Curse of Osiris brings with it new high-level activities, a new level cap, and more - but for those that haven't purchased the latest content, all of the new end-game activities are currently locked, even the higher level versions of pre-existing events like the Prestige Nightfall.


The newly implemented Heroic strike playlist, being resurrected from the first game, is also locked behind the paywall. Now ... to be clear. It's not unheard of for MMOs to have expansion specific areas that are only there for those who have the expansion. That being said, it is not common for games to raise the level cap within the first three months of launch. On the same token, vanilla Destiny players are familiar with this exact thing, because Bungie did this same move with the Weekly Heroic Strike with the Dark Below expansion.

What many players are upset to find, for those that are hardcore trophy hunters, is that the platinum trophy is no longer available because of the Prestige lockout. As one player pointed out, "I've can't remember ever playing an MMO or game other than Destiny that literally takes things you've been doing since launch and put them behind a DLC paywall when a new expansion launches. Or just completely removed content and replaces it with DLC content that you need to pay for."

Another good point is that even though the game has been out for console players, for PC players it's only been out a month before the new content hit. We'll just have to wait and see how Bungie responds to yet another wave of player backlash.