Student Caught Copying 'Destiny' Lore For English Homework

(Photo: Bungie)

The original and vanilla Destiny didn't have a lot of lore. And most of what it did have, wasn't anything to write home to your Guardian about. As you may remember, the game didn't even present the lore up-front, but rather tucked it away behind Grimoire Cards that required you to go out of your way to read any single piece of lore. As a result, Destiny fans created a website called the Ishtar Collective, which conveniently housed all of the game's lore in one place. Today, the site is full of Destiny lore, lore that a student decided would be good to turn in as their English homework. That's right, in the day of anti-cheater software Turn-It-In, where it's easier than ever for a teacher to find out if a student plagiarized, a student thought they could get away with turning in Destiny lore for journal entries. Of course, they were caught.

Apparently, the Ishtar Collective recently received an email from an English teacher by the name of Jennifer, who thought one of her students was turning in lore from Ishtar Collective's website as his own work. It's unclear if Ishtar Collective responded to the inquiry, but they did share the email on Twitter and change their name to Lucas (the student's first name) to shield the student from his thorough English teacher.

Unfortunately, we will probably never know how this tale turns out, but I hope Lucas got away with it. Plagiarizing is a horrible, entitled thing to do, but I can't help but respect someone who turns in the entire lore of Destiny over the course of many journal entries as their own work. If I was the folk at Bungie, I'd be honored.

Speaking of Bungie, we haven't heard anything about what's doing since it parted ways with Activision a few months ago, but we have, potentially, heard quite a bit about Destiny 3 thanks to a new leak, which you can read about by clicking here.

Thanks, Game Rant.


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