The Internet Is Not Happy That Danny Devito Isn't Playing Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds might be the new face of the Pokemon franchise, but not everyone is happy about that casting decision.

Yesterday, the Pokemon world was shocked to its core when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be playing Detective Pikachu in an upcoming live action movie. Detective Pikachu was originally the star of a Japanese-only video game called The Great Detective Pikachu that starred a grumpy coffee-loving Pikachu that speaks "human" and solved mysteries with the help of his young partner.

While the original Detective Pikachu video game has yet to cross the Pacific, it's still popular among Pokemon fans because of its main character. When the game was released in 2016, many fans decided there was only one choice to voice Detective Pikachu: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Danny Devito. When Legendary Pictures announced it was adapting Detective Pikachu into a movie, many fans hoped that they would consider Devito when casting the starring role.

Needless to say, many fans aren't happy that Devito got passed over by Reynolds. Here's a few of the best reactions from Twitter:


At least one fan has a good idea on how to get the Detective Pikachu we all deserved:

The Detective Pikachu movie is set to film in 2018. No release date has been set.