Detective Pikachu Plush Looks Horrifying After Arriving in Unexpected Packaging

Detective Pikachu was a massive success both as a movie itself and an adaptation of a video game, so it’s no wonder that toys and other collectibles would follow. One of those products released around the movie’s debut was a Detective Pikachu plush that memorialized the star of the film as a fuzzy, life-sized collectible complete with a smile and Pikachu’s signature hat from the movie. Most people seem to have gotten in their plush figures without issue, but one person found there’s to be in a particularly frightened state when it arrived in vacuum packaging.

An image was shared on Twitter by a user named Betsy Bauer who ordered a Detective Pikachu plush and technically got what they asked for. The doll did indeed arrive, though not as it was seen in the promotional images for the product. Instead, it was in a package where most of the air had been sucked out around to which caused the plastic bag it was encased in to become uncomfortably conformed to Pikachu’s shape. The result was the disconcerting image below, a version of Detective Pikachu that was definitely not seen in the movie.

Other on Twitter were equally unimpressed or left aghast by this portrayal of the spirited detective. They offered comparisons to sliced cheese and other Pokemon collectibles that this abomination reminded them of. Some were simply quite concerned with the state of Detective Pikachu.


But there was hope for the Detective Pikachu plush yet. The user who shared the initial image of the doll all squished up into its abysmal form followed that tweet up with two more that showed the doll being rescued from its packaging and unflattened. It’s still not quite the same as other versions of the doll that didn’t come vacuum-sealed, but it’s getting there. Detective Pikachus are easy enough to come by anyway, but a Detective Derpachu seems much rarer.

Detective Pikachu is currently up for pre-orders on Blu-ray, and the movie will also have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con this week.