Diablo 4 Confirms Unpopular Feature

Earlier this month, Blizzard finally revealed Diablo 4 for the PS4, PC, & Xbox One. Unfortunately, there's still no word of when the game will release, however, details about the title have been slowly but surely surfacing. Included in these new details is word of a contentious gameplay feature. More specifically, Blizzard has confirmed that the game will not be playable offline, requiring a constant Internet connection. In other words, it's an always-online game, and according to Blizzard this is because the game features a shared open world. That said, given the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, it seems you won't want to pick up this version if you're always required to be home or somewhere with a good Internet connection to play it.

While Diablo 4 will require a constant Internet connection, you can play it by yourself in addition to co-op. So, it's technically a single-player game, but it will require you to stay connected to the Internet so it can produce the game's shared world.

All that said, as you would expect, many fans aren't happy about the news. While an increasing amount of games require an Internet connection, there's still many gamers who -- for a multitude of reasons -- dislike the requirement.

Diablo 4 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and probably next-gen consoles as well. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date, though Blizzard has said that the title isn't coming anytime soon.

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