Diablo 4 Reveals New PVP Gameplay Details

Likely the biggest thing that many fans were looking forward to at BlizzCon this year dealt with more information on Diablo 4. Alongside the reveal of the game's fourth class, the Rogue, Blizzard also touched on a variety of other specifics related to how gameplay will function in the highly-anticipated action RPG.

One of the elements that the team at Blizzard really honed in on with Diablo 4 during BlizzCon comes with how PvP will work. For the first time, Diablo 4 will boast an open world which changes things quite a bit when it comes to how players can interact with one another. Essentially, a new locale called the Field of Hatred is where players will be able to do battle with each other. Doing so will net you not only bragging rights, but will allow you to also get new items that you can then use to grow even stronger.

While this is where players can battle with one another in Diablo 4 though, it's not the only reason you'll want to visit the Field of Hatred. Blizzard has said that it wants players to also venture to this area to take down a number of AI enemies as well. There will also be certain quests, rewards, and other gear that you can obtain in the Field of Hatred, too.

As for those who venture into the Field of Hatred specifically looking to take down other players, Blizzard has also implemented a system in Diablo 4 that will make things a bit harder when it comes to griefing. If a player kills another player in-game, their location will then be divulged to all other players within the Field of Hatred. Essentially, killing someone else makes you a target for all others who might be looking to take down others. It's a novel system that should ensure those looking to engage in PvP are finding one another while those that are simply passing through for PvE purposes can try to remain under the radar.


At this point in time, Blizzard still hasn't announced any sort of window for when Diablo 4 will release. The game is currently only announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X iterations will likely be revealed in the future as well. If you would like to keep up to date with all of our future coverage of Diablo 4, you can follow along right here.