Diablo 4 Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Class

Blizzard Entertainment's annual BlizzCon event featured another appearance by Diablo IV this year with the highly anticipated Diablo game getting another trailer on Friday. Diablo IV's new trailer showed off the Rogue class and more. The return to BlizzCon marks the second appearance at the Blizzard event the game's made after it was announced in 2019 and Blizzard's 2020 BlizzCon plans were reformatted to the BlizzConline event going on now.

During the show, Blizzard made good on expectations prior to the event by revealing another class that'll be playable in Diablo IV. As expected, the rogue looks to be a nimble character with a variety of weaponry at their disposal including daggers and bows. The moody cinematic welcoming the Rogue to the campfire was followed up with gameplay showing her in action.

Ever since Diablo IV was announced, the game's team committed to quarterly updates on the development of the new mainline Diablo game with some insights into classes, items, and other systems shared along the way. The final update shared in 2020 hinted at some big news to come from Diablo IV's appearance at BlizzConline with the game director Luis Barriga saying before there would be "something chunky indeed" to share. A hint that the news would involve "a new version of the campfire scene" revealed at the BlizzCon event where the game was revealed first hinted at the possibility of seeing a new class confirmed for Diablo IV during BlizzConline.

However, if you're a Diablo or Blizzard fan who's been trying to keep up with news about the BlizzCon event ahead of its start, you may have already seen some talk of what was to be revealed at the event and had some things partially spoiled. A supposed leak shared prior to the start of BlizzConline suggested that we'd see not only a new class for Diablo IV. Based on what we've seen during the event so far, it looks as though that leak was pretty accurate.


Overwatch 2 was referenced in the same potential leak, but beyond that, the two games have something else in common: Neither of them are releasing this year. Blizzard confirmed as much earlier in the month when it talked about the release windows or lack thereof for Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV and said that neither game would launch in 2021. One could've imagined as much, but we at least know for sure now and can continue looking forward to more quarterly updates to come.