Diablo III: Eternal Collection Gameplay Looks Smooth on Nintendo Switch

The teams over at Nintendo and Blizzared teamed up last week to finally reveal the big news: [...]

The teams over at Nintendo and Blizzared teamed up last week to finally reveal the big news: Diablo III is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch! Not just the base game either, the Eternal Collection will include Nintendo exclusive cosmetic items, all fo the expansions, and the Adventure Mode right out of the gates! With so many amazing and successful ports out there (looking at you, beautiful DOOM), many fans are itching to see just how the game will play out. Though we've previously gotten the base spec details, what's even better is seeing that action in real-time.

Thanks to our sister site over at GameSpot, we've got six minutes of glorious gameplay action to see how the platformer operates on the hybrid console from Nintendo. From the footage below, it runs about as smoothly as we expected. Though a smaller system, the Nintendo Switch has handled ports amazingly so far. No one expected Skyrim to do well, but it did. And then there were doubts about DOOM, but then that did well also. Then Wolfenstein II came and blew everyone's expectations out of the water ... so basically, there's a lot of faith for Diablo III.

Want to learn even more about Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch? Here's what Blizzard had to say about the latest arrival, "Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch takes full advantage of the console's flexibility and versatility with multiple intuitive and ultra-responsive controller configuration options. Whether you prefer dual-wielding Joy-Cons, sitting elbow-to-elbow on the couch with your friends using a single Joy-Con each, or entering the fray armed with a Pro Controller, you'll be able to slay your way. Up to four players can embark on grand cooperative crusades to cleanse Sanctuary—side by side in front of a single Nintendo Switch screen or linking multiple consoles together wirelessly."

It also comes with some amazing exclusives including, "The Legend og Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, Tri-Force portrait frame, Cucco pet, and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings." We don't have a release date quite yet, but we know it's coming soon!