'Diablo Immortal' Gets Heavy Ire From Die-Hard Blizzard Fans

With its announcement this past Friday, Diablo Immortal represents a creative new step in the long-running Blizzard franchise. But it's also received the most mixed fan reaction out of any of the company's products.

The debut trailer has taken a beating over on YouTube thus far. Although the trailer itself has garnered over 2.3 million views, it's also gotten over 386,000 dislikes compared to 13,000 likes. And there were an overwhelming amount of negative comments, some of which have reportedly been removed by Blizzard.

But that's just the beginning of it. The trailer's debut has left mixed responses throughout the community on social media, with some folks going as far as to say that they're done with the Diablo franchise as a whole, or even calling their trip to BlizzCon a "waste" over Immortal's announcement.

Let's take a look at some of the less-than-threatening responses first:

But as you might expect, response has been overwhelmingly negative from some fans, some even going as far as to boo the Diablo team during its BlizzCon panel.

And, of course, they let loose on Twitter. Mind you, some of these are quite visceral.

Blizzard has since sounded off on the matter, which we'll report in a later story. But, yeah, Diablo Immortal has created some interesting division, though it's still likely to arrive next year and find a pretty strong audience.


And let's not forget that Diablo IV is on the way, fans.