Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King Remaster Gets SNES and Genesis Retro Editions


Classic 16-bit Disney Games Aladdin and The Lion King are being re-released in a single package for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC starting on October 29th. The games will be enhanced with 1080p graphics, in-game rewind and save features (that will come in handy with The Lion King, which is notoriously difficult), custom filter options to replicate CRT televisions, and more.

You can pre-order the standard game for the PS4, Xbox, One, and Nintendo Switch on Amazon for $29.99. However, Best Buy is offering retro editions for the Nintendo Switch that include an exclusive poster, retro-style manual, and box / clamshell packaging in the style of the SNES and Sega Genesis. You can pre-order the clamshell version here for $49.99. The box version is available here for the same price. Both are expected to arrive by December 10th.


However, if you want to take the retro vibe even further, keep in mind that iam8bit is selling limited edition (4500 units) legacy cartridges for the SNES and Genesis with fancy cases, artwork, packaging, and other "retro pack-in surprises". Those will be available to order here for $99 when pre-orders go live today, October 24th starting at 10am PT (1pm ET). Pre-owned versions of the original games are also available at GameStop: Aladdin (SNES) $19.99 / The Lion King (Genesis) $11.99.


An official list of features for the special edition retro versions of Aladdin and The Lion King can be found below.

  • This Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Retro Edition includes an exclusive poster, retro-style manual, and Nintendo Switch cartridge with Aladdin and The Lion King games
  • Enjoy several different versions of the beloved Aladdin and The Lion King games with 1080p graphics and enhancements for modern HDTV, adjustable screen aspect ratios and borders, and custom filter options designed to replicate classic CRT TVs and other popular screen types
  • Explore new features of the Final Cut version of Aladdin, such as difficulty adjustments, camera refinements, bug fixes, as well as a few additional surprises for fans
  • Retry difficult areas thanks to the ability to instantly rewind any of the games in real time
  • The interactive game viewer allows viewing full game playthroughs with the ability to skip forward, jump in, and start playing at any point
  • Take a journey behind the scenes, and learn more about the creation of these incredible games
  • Listen to the entire soundtracks for both games in the included music players

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