Disney Reportedly Getting Ready To Buy Massive Gaming Company

Disney may soon be making some waves in the gaming space with an acquisition of Korean PC and [...]

Disney may soon be making some waves in the gaming space with an acquisition of Korean PC and mobile game company Nexon, in a deal that we see the massive game company handed over to Disney for $13.2 billion. The report comes way of Korean newspaper The Central Times, who claims that Nexon Chairman Jung-ju Kim, who owns a majority share of the company worth 98 percent, recently approached a "high-ranking Disney representative" in order to strike a deal that would see him hand off the company for a big payday.

Apparently the Nexon chairman has been looking to sell his stake in the company since January, which is also when a shortlist of suitors was drawn up. However, Kim is said to be a big admirer of Disney, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him push for them to swoop in.

While many in the west may not know who Nexon is, it's a big player in the industry thanks to its presence in South Korea and Japan. The company, which was founded in 1994, employs roughly 7,000 and maintains about 80 titles in the region. It has its hands in it a lot of things, but it's perhaps best known for its presence in the mobile space and for publishing the MapleStory series.

As for why Disney would be interested in acquiring it, it could be to expand in these regions or to establish itself in the mobile market. It could also simply want it because it likes to make money, and of course, we already know Disney loves buying things.

Whatever the case, right now, there's been no official word from Disney or Nexon on the acquisition, or that the two parties are even talking about a deal. And while there's a good chance this report is accurate, who knows what may happen. Business deals fall through all the time.

Thanks, The Korea Herald.


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