DOOM Eternal Recreated in Nintendo Switch's Labo Garage

DOOM Eternal is already available on Nintendo Switch, but that didn't stop one fan from trying to [...]

DOOM Eternal is already available on Nintendo Switch, but that didn't stop one fan from trying to remake the game for the system using Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage VR! Twitter user @MrTiffles shared his creation on the social media platform, and it's incredible to see what he's done with the simple Labo software. The game looks and sounds like a stripped-down DOOM, and has earned a lot of praise on YouTube. In fact, many fans wish they could play the game for themselves! @MrTiffles has already stated that he will be creating DOOM Eternal in Game Builder Garage when it releases next month.

The video can be found in the Tweet embedded below, or at the top of this page.

There's something really funny about seeing these little Labo robots explode as the "Doom Slayer" charges into battle! This probably isn't what Nintendo had in mind when they released the software, but that makes it all the more impressive. Of course, long-time followers of @MrTiffles probably won't be surprised. The designer's YouTube channel is filled with impressive projects created in Labo Garage. In fact, an older video from the designer is a bit of a precursor to this one, showing Labo users how they can create guns using the software. It's clear that he has quite a bit of skill when it comes to Labo!

It will be interesting to see how Game Builder Garage gives game designers more of an opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Part of the appeal of @MrTiffles' videos is the fact that he's pushing the boundaries of what Nintendo has made available, but it might be interesting to see what he can do when Game Builder Garage releases on June 11th! Meanwhile, those interested in seeing more of @MrTiffles' Labo projects (and in Game Builder Garage after it releases) can check out his YouTube channel right here.

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