Doom Meme Shows Game on McDonald's Self Serve Kiosk; John Romero Responds

Doom is one of the most formative video games for the FPS genre. It has influenced so many games and has given us some of the biggest franchises out there. The series is still very much alive as well as 2020's Doom Eternal was a major critical and financial hit which will likely result in a third game in the rebooted series getting made. Nevertheless, people are still playing the original Doom from the 90s. It's widely seen as one of the accessible games out there as it has been made to run on just about anything, including pregnancy tests. Many assumed that once that became true, it would be hard to top, but someone figured out the next best thing.

Twitter user yosupjt posted an image of Doom running on a McDonald's self-serve kiosk, which allows customers to use a touch screen to order their food. Unfortunately, the image isn't real, it's a photoshop, but it's not hard to imagine someone will try this at some point. The Doom community is quite determined to get the game on a number of unconventional devices and this one certainly takes the cake if someone can actually pull it off. Nevertheless, John Romero himself saw the meme and made sure to chime in by saying he'd "take an order of fries with that". The official Doom Twitter account also contributed by calling the person who made the meme a "genius". 

As of right now, the future of the Doom franchise is unknown, though it seems unlikely the next game will come to McDonald's kiosks. id Software has yet to announce what its next game is, but it seems likely it will be Doom 3, unless it's something entirely new. Given Xbox now owns Bethesda, it seems likely the next Doom game will also be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC, but it remains to be seen what will happen with the series.

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