'Overwatch' Invades Hell With This Classic 'DOOM' Mod

Mods are a great way to keep a game alive, no matter how long they've been out. Even a game as old as id Software’s classic Doom is able to continue having great support and tons of replayability with the help of talented fans. In digging around interesting ways to refresh the game experience we stumbled upon one mod that has been released which allows fans to utilise their favorite Overwatch weaponry against throngs of demons within the iconic title.

Even without being able to use special abilities or Ultimates, players in Overwatch are able to dole out a lot of damage over short periods of time. Doom heavily relies on being able to do a lot of damage very quickly to an enemy which makes for a perfect fit for a combo of the two. Enter OverDoom, created by a modder by the name of MyNameIs which provides fans with a wide array of Overwatch weapons to use. Players can use weapons ranging anywhere from Widowmaker’s sniper rifle/auto rifle called the Widow’s Kiss, Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier, Sombra’s SMG, and more for a devastating effect.

The video below is fairly short and heavily features D.Va’s mech with all the best featutes like its maneuverability and primary weapon fire. Widow’s sniper rifle assault rifle combo also appears to melt enemies from range and up close as well. Regardless of the weapon players choose to use, they’re sure to bring the hurt to any demon that stands in OverDoom Guy’s way.

Seeing the weapons of Overwatch come to classic Doom is an unexpected but interesting combination. Now imagine being able to use ultimate’s from Overwatch in classic Doom or even the insane reboot from 2016. To download the mod for yourself, you can check out the files right here over on moddb as well as frequently asked questions about how to install.


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