DOOM Nintendo Switch Team Opens Up About Their Dream Port

The team behind the incredible Nintendo Switch ports such as DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, and Rocket [...]

The team behind the incredible Nintendo Switch ports such as DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, and Rocket League have their hands full with their upcoming Switch Warframe project - but the journey is far from over for the awesome crew over at Panic Button.

We recently got a chance to visit the fine folks over at Panic Button to tour their lovely studio and we've got to admit, the passion for games was incredibly contagious. One thing that was interesting though is this idea of that "impossible title." No one thought we'd ever see a Warframe Nintendo Switch port, nevermind the expansive Wolfenstein II. But as the list for the Nintendo library continues to grow impressively, we had to ask: What would their next dream "impossible" game be if they could pick any franchise.

When speaking with Craig Galley (Founder & Technical Director), D. Michael Traub (Founder & technical Director), and Andy Boggs (Technical Director), their answer was surprisingly in-sync: Horizon Zero Dawn. Though obviously that won't happen (though stranger things have happened) because that incredible game is a Sony-owned property, it was pretty interesting to dig into their heads a little bit as to why that title - and why that was such a knee-jerk answer.

The answer was pretty simple: It's expansive and the story was stunning. To be able to take Aloy's adventure on the go would be phenomenal - though I wouldn't hold your breath on an official announcement any time soon. Not only is the game owned by Sony, but the mechanics of it would have to be completely picked a part. They explained that their process of porting is much bigger than simply translocating a title - they have to dissect it as a whole to trim the extra in-game content without actually trimming any content. It's tricky, it's messy, and a game as compact as Horizon Zero Dawn? Damned near impossible.

Studio GM and Director of Development Adam Creighton added on later that he'd love to see more retro style games ported over, and then of course we bonded in mutual fandom over our beloved Baldur's Gate making it over to the hybrid console. We can dream!

But on the topic of potential ports, do you agree with the team about Horizon or are you hoping for something a little different? Sound off with your dream port picks in the comment section below!

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