Dr Disrespect Slams Developers Over Controversial Livestream Chats

Following word that he will be giving all of his stream donations to charity for a month, popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has now spoken out against developers and publishers who don't moderate their livestream chats, which inevitably leads to them being flooded with racist and other hateful garbage. During a recent Call of Duty: Warzone live stream, the Two-Time called out PlayStation, Xbox, and more to step up to the plate and moderate their livestream chats, whether that be on YouTube or Twitch.

"I guess I'll say this right now, and I'm speaking specifically to huge video game launches or reveals or press conferences or conventions or briefings, Microsoft Xbox briefing, Sony Playstation reveal event, etc. that are going to live stream need to see that their chats are unmoderated. They aren't moderated, right? I go there as a spectator, it's a f*****g distraction to see the amount of racism that happens within a chat that is unmoderated. And I think these publishers and developers -- I'm going to say it right now: they need to f*****g step up."

The streamer continued, admitting he knows it's a difficult task to moderate chats of that size, but it's something that needs to be down.

"If you're going to go live on YouTube or Twitch or whatever it is, get a grip of your chat, because it is out of control. It's bad. We know it's hard to regulate that s**t. I get it, but we got to come up with some different solutions. Do you know what I mean? It's really bad... don't do a live event if you're not going to moderate. Come out with a pre-produced video, put it on your YouTube channel, turn off comments, and there you go. Tweet it out, then turn off replies on your Twitter.”


As you may know, the world's biggest streamers don't just have one or two moderators, but usually a team of moderators who help keep the chat not only clean of racism and other hate, but minor annoyances like spam. And it looks like going forward this is something PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and more might have to do.

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