Dr Disrespect Teases Return With Cryptic Video

Talking to Twitter, Dr Disrespect shared a cryptic new video teasing his return to streaming. The video, which is quickly going viral, doesn't reveal much, but it does seemingly tease not only is the popular streamer returning following his recent and mysterious ban from Twitch, but that a return is happening soon. Whether this return will happen on YouTube, Facebook, or via his own website, remains to be seen, but it looks like the Doc will be back at it before the end of the summer.

As for the video itself, while visually it doesn't reveal or tease anything of note, the music that accompanies sure seems to. More specifically, its lyrics, such as "it's out of my hands" and "you can never take away the power of my soul." What do these lyrics mean exactly? Who knows, but there's no doubt they are deliberate.

At the moment of publishing, 20 minutes after going up, the Twitter video has nearly 700,000 views and over 70,000 likes. To say the streamer's fans and colleagues are excited for Dr Disrespect's return would be an understatement. Meanwhile, others are suggesting the Two-Time is milking the situation at this point.

At the moment of publishing, it remains unclear why Twitch suddenly banned one of its biggest streamers, one who they recently handed a lucrative contract to. That said, this morning Doc did break the silence from the two parties for the first time, noting he still doesn't know why Twitch gave him the boot.

"Honestly, we just don’t know," said the streamer "It was a total shock. Imagine showing up to work and the doors are closed and you can’t get inside. You’re going, 'What’s going on?' And you’ve been told you’ve been fired. But you haven’t been told the reason why. We just weren’t given an answer. … It was the worst feeling."