Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Report Sheds Light on Release Date and Inquisition Features

The first update on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2023 is here, but it comes not via BioWare and EA or anyone working on the game, but a new and unofficial report. And according to this report, the game is still some ways off from release. While rumors and general speculation have suggested the game could release this year, the new report casts doubt on this possibility, noting the game still has major things to work out. 

According to the report, the game "lacks features, completed character lines, and still contains the remnants" of a previous version of the game reported to have been scrapped in 2021 and that was also said to be far more multiplayer-focused rather than single-player-focused. That said, the report notes that some of the game's multiplayer components still linger in the game. For example, it's noted there is a central hub that was apparently reminiscent of games like Destiny. However, as you may know, Dragon Age: Inquisition had its own central hub. 

Also, like Dragon Age: Inquisition, the game sees players recruit and grow their group over time and by completing missions, and these characters will populate said hub area where they can be interacted with and customized through equipment. And perhaps like the war table in Dragon Age Inquisition, there will be a "mirrored portal" where plays pass from the hub area to missions. 

The report also mentions combat being "hack n' slash," which suggests more action-oriented like Inquisition and the second game and less tactical than Origins. In fact, the report notes that you will not be able to control squad mates, just select their abilities. A combat wheel compared to the combat wheel in Final Fantasy 15 is also mentioned. 

The report concludes by noting it expects the game to release in 2024, not in 2023, based on the current state of the game and its development. And for what it's worth, we've always heard things about the game and its development that have suggested a 2023 release date was very unlikely. 

H/T, Insider Gaming.