Dragon Age's Varric's 'Hard in Hightown' Book Just Landed a Real-Life Publishing Deal


Varric Tethras: Rogue, Storyteller, and occasional unwelcome tagalong. For those that are obsessed with BioWare's Dragon Age (hi, I'm obsessed), then you're in luck because the hilarious romance serial that can even make the Steely Seeker Pentaghast blush is becoming a reality!

Thedas-dwellers won't be the only one enjoying the sword innuendos and "stuff" that Varric likes to write. The infamous dwarf can make anyone laugh, blight or no. The book itself (again, yay!) will be available in July, but is available now to pre-order! According to the listing over at Barnes & Noble:

"Prolific dwarven author and heroic companion of the Dragon Age games, Varric Tethras brings us the collected edition of his breakthrough crime-noir drama, Hard in Hightown (with help from his trusted human confidante, Mary Kirby)! This volume is beautifully illustrated by Stefano Martino, Álvaro Sarraseca, Andres Ponce, and Ricardo German Ponce Torres, with a painted cover by E.M. Gist!

Twenty years of patrols have chiseled each and every stone of the Kirkwall streets into city guardsmen Donnen Brennokovic. Weary and weathered, Donnen is paired with a recruit so green he might as well have leaves growing out of his armor. When the mismatched pair discover a dead magistrate bleeding out on the flagstones, they're caught up in a clash between a shadowy organization known only as the Executors and a secretive group of Chantry agents—all over some ancient artifact."


If you listen closely, you can even here Aveline (Dragon Age II) muttering angrily about "that blighted Dwarf." Needless to say, I'm excited. With Dragon Age 4 currently in the works, and that darn twist at the end of the Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC - a little extra Dragon Age definitely doesn't go amiss.