Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Official Beerus Trailer

This morning Bandai Namco finally gave us the official character trailer for the world destroyer [...]

This morning Bandai Namco finally gave us the official character trailer for the world destroyer himself: Beerus! The god of destruction has long since been confirmed for the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, but until now we haven't seen him in his own cinematic teaser. You can check it out and get your first look above! We also got a Hit trailer recently, which you can see here.

There was no leaving this character behind. Canonically, Beerus is the most powerful Dragon Ball character in the universe, besides perhaps his attendant, and so fans are practically foaming at the mouth over the prospect of being able to pick him up and play. As you can see from the video, his style in the game very much reflects his style and character from the show. His every move seems effortless, and he exudes power and energy.

Beerus looks like he could be a great character choice for anyone who loves to disrupt their opponents and keep them guessing. Those orbs that you seem him summon around him can be manipulated in a variety of ways. The orbs can remain stationary to ward off more aggressive attackers, or they can be sent flying or bouncing toward your opponents to force them to change their positioning. You can even combo your opponents into them for some extra damage.

You don't get to see all of the fancy stuff in that teaser trailer, short and sweet as it is, but earlier we got a more in-depth character rundown that serious players won't want to miss. If you're competitive, and you think that you may end up using Beerus as your main character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you'll want to check out this video here.

You'll also get a chance to play as Beerus when the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta comes back around this weekend. You can hop online and download the beta client right now, and if you pre-ordered the game, you'll be able to jump in tomorrow. Everyone else will have to wait until Sunday to play. Even if you don't make it out for the beta, Dragon Ball FighterZ launches on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on January 26, so we don't have long to wait!