Dragon Ball FighterZ Confirms Tien, Yamcha, and Original Fighter Android 21

Several popular Dragon Ball fighters including Yamcha and Tien have been revealed as playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ along with a new, original fighter named Android 21.

The latest additions to the upcoming fighting game were confirmed through the latest issue of V-Jump that showed images of the playable characters. In addition to the first in-game looks at the fighters, several details on their signature moves and fighting stats were also previewed.

For Dragon Ball fans familiar with the two returning fighters, their special moves will likely be easy to recognize. Yamcha has several moves that spin off of his unique Wolf Fang Fist attack that the fighter is known for throughout the anime, manga, and video games. With energy attacks like Spirit Ball and an advanced form of his signature move known as Neo Wolf Fang Fist, Yamcha is a fighter who excels at staying up close to his foes while engaging from the ground.

Tien has several memorable energy attacks at his disposal, some of which even includes the assistance of Chiaotzu's Telekinesis power. With moves like Dodon Ray, Volleyball Attack, and the iconic Tri-Beam, Tien's stats are balanced across the board to make him a versatile fighter.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21
(Photo: Gematsu)
Dragon Ball FighterZ Tien Yamcha
(Photo: Gematsu)

Below are each of the two fighters' stats that were confirmed in V-Jump:


  • Power: 2
  • Speed: 4
  • Reach: 2
  • Technique: 3
  • Energy: 2


  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Reach: 3
  • Technique: 3
  • Energy: 2

But one of the most interesting reveals from the magazine confirmed that a new character known as Android 21 would be seen in Dragon Ball FIghterZ. Android 21 is a character that'll be an integral part of the game's story, a fighter that doesn't have too many details revealed about her yet. Each of the screenshots that were shown in V-Jump showed her alongside Android 16, another previously confirmed character who will play an important role in the story.


[via Gematsu]



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