'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Gets Extended Gameplay Footage Featuring Jiren and Videl

Over the weekend, we learned some excellent news about Bandai Namco’s hit fighting game Dragon [...]

Over the weekend, we learned some excellent news about Bandai Namco's hit fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ, as a second season was introduced. What's more, it's set to kick off within a matter of hours, with two new characters, Jiren and Videl, set to debut tomorrow! And if you wanted to see more of them in action, you're in luck!

Bandai Namco has introduced a new video that features four minutes of gameplay with the two new characters in action. As you can see, Jiren looks like he's ready to crush folks with his giant body; while Videl is confident in her fighting skills, with back-up from her husband (yes, Gohan).

After quick introductions with each of the characters (including Jiren's explosive entrance and Videl's sweet fist-bump), the fighting begins; and we really get to see what each character has to offer.

Gohan (in his super-mysterious form) offers a great supportive move or two to Videl, while Jiren has no trouble destroying adversaries with his power moves, including a devastating uppercut and various fireball techniques.

Both characters have access to some beautiful ground and mid-air combos, as well as super techniques that can level even the biggest of enemies, which you can see in the footage above.

Both characters appear to be very promising, with styles that really complement one another and provide players with a bit more variety. Of course, there will be some that swear upon their favorites, although it never hurts to experiment and see what you can do with each one.

The characters will be available as part of the FighterZ Pass 2, which will be $24.99 upon release. If you prefer, you can buy the characters individually as well, going for $4.99 apiece. Not a bad deal, considering the power they bring to the table.

We'll let you know how the characters fared as soon as they arrive tomorrow. There's already an update in place, so they should be pretty seamless arrivals- until they start ripping up the terrain.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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