Dragon Ball FighterZ Could Be In For Its Biggest Reveal Month To Date, Between Jump Festa 2017 And More


We're just under two months away from being able to kick ass and take names in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works' remarkable 2D brawling game. But we're not even close to done with reveals for the game just yet, as it appears Bandai Namco has a few surprises up its sleeve in time for this month's Jump Festa 2017 event.

The company has announced that it'll be holding a pre-release tournament for FighterZ on the second day of the Shonen Jump festival, and, following that, a new trailer will be revealed during Jump Festa 2017.

While the company didn't reveal just what would be included in the trailer just yet, previous ones have brought us a number of new characters – and we have yet to see who's coming on the DLC roster, so there's a good chance we're about to find out.

Keep in mind, also, that we could also see something for the game sometime this weekend, with both the Game Awards 2017 and PlayStation Experience taking place this coming weekend. And, on top of that, Bandai Namco has a big event coming up mid-month. So this month could very well be the biggest reveal month for FighterZ that we've ever seen. Can you say "new fighters" and possibly "new modes"?

That is speculation, of course, as the game is already heavily loaded with a number of familiar and new faces in the series. But there's always room for more, since the Dragon Ball universe is so vast and filled with possibilities. And Arc System Works has surprised us time and time again, so we'll happily take a few more.


We'll let you know whatever Bandai Namco has in mind, and what more you have to get excited for!

Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on January 26th, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.