Dragon Ball FighterZ Leak Reveals Potential DLC Characters


A massive leak was revealed earlier that gave us not only SoulCalibur VI news, but also potentially let fans in on what's in store for the future with the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game! Earlier today, we got to see Vegeta go Super Saiyan, and now we're getting a look at a few characters allegedly making their way onto the roster in future DLC.

According to one Redditor, one who has been responsible for quite a few leaks in the past, game forward to reveal information that he has received from various reports about the possibility of Raditz and Carbon, as well as other welcome additions to the upcoming fighter. He also mentions that the Ultimate Form for Android 21 will also be included. Here is what he has reported about the potential future of the Dragon Ball FighterZ game:

"... the slight update on DBFZ DLC is: Broly, Base form Goku, Base form Vegeta as I've said before, but also Bardock are all going to be.

I never got back in contact with that one source who original told me of Broly and Bardock, but my two main DBFZ sources say Bardock is in alongside Broly, Base form Goku, and Base form Vegeta.

The Raditz and Zarbon source I have that I noted before is still kind of an outlier in what they know so far knowing those 2 characters, but do back up those other 4 characters mentioned, which is worth considering there that they might just know more than the other 2 that know of Broly, Base form Goku, Base form Vegeta, and Bardock.

But Base form Goku and especially Base form Vegeta are to appease the Japanese fanbase as well since they've been pestering ArcSys and Bandai Namco on social media since the game was revealed due to how good, and in Base form Vegeta's case great, they were on Extreme Butoden. So it looks like more than anything, a Japanese fighting game developer is including characters to placate the Japanese fanbase. A story as old as time. You can love or hate the decision of them being chosen, but it comes down to wanting the domestic fanbase to be pleased with the roster choices, and hope that we are as well. Fortunately, we do have corresponding tastes for characters like Broly and Bardock. It's Base form Goku and Base form Vegeta that will have the Season Pass live on in some infamy among us because "we don't get it."

Last thing to note for now. There are hidden characters still left to be revealed. Android 21 is one of them. A curiosity is that "her Ultimate form is also playable" but I couldn't get confirmation if that means they'll be separate, or her transformation is an Install super."

If this is true, it will be interesting to see what other hidden characters could possibly be making their way onto the roster. As with all leaks, until there is official confirmation from the publisher themselves, take everything "leaked" online with a grain of salt.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be making its way onto the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 26th!